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Free Delivery In Ottawa & Gatineau on Order above $49.99

MDH Seasoning Mix Pani Puri Masala 100g

by MDH
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Experience the authentic and tangy flavors of MDH Seasoning Mix Pani Puri Masala, the perfect companion for indulging in the popular Indian street food, pani puri. This specially crafted masala mix is designed to elevate the taste of your homemade pani puri and create a burst of delightful flavors.

MDH Seasoning Mix Pani Puri Masala is a blend of carefully selected spices and ingredients that perfectly replicate the traditional pani puri taste. It combines tanginess, spiciness, and a hint of sweetness to create a balanced and irresistible flavor profile. With this masala mix, you can recreate the beloved street food experience in the comfort of your own home.

Preparing pani puri with MDH Seasoning Mix is quick and convenient. Simply mix the masala with chilled water to create the tangy and spicy water (pani) that fills the puris. Stuff the puris with your choice of fillings like mashed potatoes, chickpeas, and tamarind chutney, and then dip them into the flavored water for a burst of flavors in every bite.

MDH is a trusted brand known for its quality spices and masalas. The Seasoning Mix Pani Puri Masala is made with authentic ingredients and follows traditional recipes, ensuring an authentic taste experience. Each pack is sealed to preserve the freshness and flavors, ensuring that you can enjoy the delightful taste of pani puri whenever you desire.